Frequently Asked Questions

Before you hire Custom Care Cleaning for your house cleaning needs, you may have some questions that you want answered. Here are the most frequently asked questions regarding our professional cleaning service.

What should I do with my pets?
It is not our responsibility to watch your pet while providing you with quality maid service, so for the health and safety of your pet, we suggest you put the animal outside, in their crate, or in a room that will not be cleaned. By keeping your pet out of the way, we will be able to do our job better and faster.

Will I need to provide any cleaning supplies?
Custom Care Cleaning will provide all the needed supplies, from cleaning sprays and cloths to vacuums and brooms. The cost of the supplies we use in your particular house cleaning will be added onto the cost of the service. If you have a particular product request, or something that must be cleaned in a specialized way, it could be in your best interest to provide the chemical or product for us to use, which will not be added onto the bill.

Will mold and mildew problems be taken care of?
Severe mold growth in your home is generally not something a maid service can tackle. Chlorine bleach is the most effective in killing and removing mold, but it poses potential health risks to our employees if they are exposed to it every other day. For this reason, you may want to contact a mildew removal specialist or learn how to remove the mold yourself.

How will the cleaner gain access to my home?
The way our employees enter your home is up to you. You may choose to leave the security system code with our cleaning service company or leave a key where they can access it. You could also choose to be home while the maid service is provided. There is no rule saying you must be away. If this is how you feel the most comfortable, you are more than welcome to be present during the house cleaning.

Will my possessions be safe?
One of the promises of Custom Care Cleaning service is to provide you with efficient, honest house cleaning. You should have no worries about one of our maid service employees taking one of your possessions. If you are still wary, you can always tuck your valuables out of the way for your own peace of mind.

Is there a guarantee?
Yes, If ever you are not satisfied with our cleaning simply give us a call within 24hrs and we will gladly return and re-clean the area in question at no additional charge.