Our Promise

When it comes to house cleaning, Custom Care Cleaning is at the top of the list. A combination of our excellent customer service and efficiency has served as a way for us to stand out from among other maid service options in the region. We have two commitments that we promise to deliver to every customer, which are gleaming customer service and a sparkling home following the cleaning service. In this way, Custom Care Cleaning has developed a reputation of both high ethics and high expectations that can be met every time.

With the choice to hire Custom Care Cleaning service, we make several promises to you. First, we promise to monitor our reliability. This means that employees who fail to arrive on time or fall short of delivering the services you expect of them will not remain with the company. Our reputation, then, is based on the hiring of reliable employees.

Second, we promise to supervise our consistency in order to maximize efficiency. Consistent cleaning methods are needed of any maid service so each and every prized customer like you receives the same quality cleaning no matter which employee of ours completes the housing cleaning.

Next, we promise to pay strict attention to the safety of your belongings. When you hire any old company to clean your home, you may discover days or weeks later that some of your possessions are missing, which could lead to a battle that you do not have time or patience for. With Custom Care Cleaning, this is never something you need to worry about as we only hire employees for this maid service who have the highest ethics possible.

Also, we promise to solicit your comments and suggestions and be responsive to your ideas. At Custom Care Cleaning, we are always doing whatever we can to advance in any category that needs improvement. We appreciate your input and will implement your suggestions whenever possible. It is this promise that ensures we are always up on what our clients expect of a professional house cleaning service.

Finally, we promise you will not regret your selection of Custom Care Cleaning service to get the job done! Our attention to detail along with our focus on ethics and efficiency allow our company to stand out from our competition. When you need a professional house cleaning maid service, you know where to turn. There is no other Oregon cleaning service that outshines Custom Care Cleaning.