If you are one of the thousands of homeowners in Oregon feeling swamped with too many things do to, and not enough time to do it, you could benefit hugely from the employment of a maid service. You have a job, a family to care for, and hobbies you want to spend time doing. Your weekend should not be spent doing house cleaning and other chores! When you choose Custom Care Cleaning service, you tell us what you need done and we will take care of everything!

We offer a wide selection of services to help you take care of every task around your home that you have been dreading. These should not cut into your leisure time, and our maid service can ensure this does not happen. Time is one of your most valuable commodities. This is true whether you are a business executive, store owner, or single mom, and Custom Care Cleaning service can give you back more of your precious time.

There are several situations in which you could appreciate a professional house cleaning. These include but are not limited to:

All of these situations could be during times that you are already overly busy with other responsibilities you are trying to juggle.Instead of letting your home get out of hand, you should get in touch with Custom Care Cleaning today and arrange our maid service to assist you in getting your house back in order.

We offer a few specific and beneficial house cleaning services that you can utilize no matter what the occasion for cleaning is. These are:

These cleaning service options provide you with an overall deep clean of all the areas in your home that tend to become dirty the fastest. Because Custom Care Cleaning allows you to customize what you want out of your maid service, you can choose any or all of the items on this list to ensure your home is cleaned in the specific areas that need it most. You decide how much our cleaning service does for you, allowing you to determine how much you will spend for your house cleaning. It doesn't get better than that!