"Custom Care Cleaning are the best cleaners we've dealt with. Affordable, efficient service, and amazing people to deal with."
~ Nick B. ~

"I really enjoy dealing with Custom Care Cleaning on a daily basis. They have friendly workers and a good work ethic."
~ Sam Z. ~

"Is it over ten years now? Goodness. Thanks SO much for taking such good care of us and our home. It's taken a lot of stress out of my life, that's for sure. I'm very grateful for your excellent and reliable service, and I recommend you to everyone."
Best Always,
~ Betty Geltz & Bob too ~

"I had out-of-town company coming in and needed help fast. This service worked around my schedule and brought in a three-person crew that cleaned every crack and crevice of my home! This is the first cleaning service that has ever passed my white-glove test. I was prepared to go in after they left to finish off the small things that bother me the most, but I found absolutely nothing for me to clean myself after they had gone. Never happened before - I am a perfectionist and apparently they are too. Highly recommend!"
~ Nancy Condy ~

"This is an outstanding cleaning service that I would recommend to all. They are prompt, reliable and trustworthy. I've used other cleaning service in the past and would rate this organization as the very best.
Thank you."
~ Dean Renfrow ~